21 October 2009 Hai Eng Chiang's Asia-Pacific Blog

46th DGCA Conference Calls for Seamless Sky in the Asia-Pacific

I have just returned from the 46th Asia Pacific DGCA Conference in Osaka, Japan. The conference which had the theme of seamless sky for the region culminated in a Kansai Statement issued by the DGCAs as a joint declaration to realise a Seamless Sky in the region, specifically in the areas of ATM, air cargo security and aviation safety.
Here is what the Kansai Statement says about ATM:

“Regarding Air Traffic Management (ATM) we recognized that the ICAO has been leading the development and implementation of the Global Air Traffic Management System with the implementation target of 2025.The Global Air Traffic Management system will be based on the components described in the Global ATM Operational Concept. We also recognize that the United States and Europe have been developing their future air traffic modernisation programmes. Taking such global trends of future ATM system into consideration, we recognised the necessity of planning the future ATM system for the Asia and Pacific Region by active collaboration and participation of the whole of the Region. In this regard, we agreed that APANPIRG be the starting platform to discuss and plan the future ATM system of the Asia and Pacific Region including targets and a time schedule”.

The Kansai Statement is a significant milestone as it marked the first time that practically all the States in the region have made clear their resolve to work towards a common vision of a seamless sky and to use the Asia Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG) as a starting platform to launch this bold initiative for the future ATM system.

I congratulated the DGs for sharing a common vision for a seamless sky in the region but as someone cautioned at the conference, the real challenge lies more in the HOW rather than the WHAT of implementation. As the President of the ICAO Council said in his speech, the key to success and progress is cooperation. So therein lies the challenge for the many culturally and technologically diverse States and ANSPs in what will soon be the largest single aviation market in the world.

This is where CANSO can help - by building bridges between regional ANSPs and among its global membership. At the conference, I presented two papers in support of the conference theme. The first paper on the Cost Benefit Study conducted by CANSO for the initial phase of ADS-B implementation in the South China Sea was cited as a good example of ATM harmonisation and regional cooperation.
The second paper highlighted the sharing of information and best practices in ATM and air safety at CANSO’s annual Asia Pacific ANSP Conference and the coming CANSO Asia-Pacific Safety Seminar scheduled in Singapore in November '09. All of these are key components for achieving a seamless sky, and in that context I invited the DGs to next year’s ANSP Conference hosted by AEROTHAI in Hua Hin Thailand and to send their ANSP safety directors to the CANSO Safety Seminar in Singapore.

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