19 April 2010 Top Story

Air Traffic Control Losing 25 Million Euros a Day

19 Apr: CANSO reports Air Traffic Control Sector is sector is losing up to 25 million Euros each day from the closure of European airspace
An analysis of Air Traffic Control organisations by CANSO, the global voice of Air Traffic Management, shows that globally the sector is losing up to 25 million Euros each day from the closure of European airspace.

Graham Lake, Director General of CANSO, said:

“Our Members are losing 25 million Euros every day in this crisis, which will have a significant impact on investment decisions for the future if we are not assisted by European emergency funds. Air Traffic Control is a fixed-infrastructure business: when planes don’t fly we still have to maintain all our equipment and staff at a state of readiness. For safety reasons, an Air Traffic Control company cannot go ‘bust’ - any losses we incur will have to be recovered from airlines, the travelling public, or the taxpayer. Contingency funds at European level exist to help in situations like this. We hope they will be deployed to ensure that jobs and investment in European Air Traffic Control are not cut.”

To download this press release as a pdf click here.

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