11 October 2010 CANSO News

Historic Agreement on Aviation Emissions a Welcome First Step, Says CANSO

11 Oct: CANSO has welcomed the announcement by ICAO that it has agreed a framework to stabilise and reduce aviation emissions
CANSO, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, has welcomed the announcement by ICAO that it has agreed a framework to stabilise and reduce aviation emissions. But CANSO warned that the industry’s efforts to cut emissions faster and further need greater government support if they are to succeed.

CANSO Director General Graham Lake said “This agreement is a welcome first step and a historic moment for global aviation. Governments have agreed an aspirational goal to stabilise emissions, and a global framework for economic measures to incentivise further emissions reductions. We were particularly pleased to note that the 190 states at ICAO recognised the aviation industry’s vision for carbon neutral growth from 2020, and 50% reduction in emissions by 2050, compared to 2005.

However, the air traffic management sector in particular requires more Government assistance if it is to achieve these ambitious targets. Greater political will is needed to help break down the institutional barriers to better civil-military cooperation, more flexible use of airspace, and better airspace design and management. In particular, Transport and Defence Departments need to work together more closely to improve route efficiency. In other words, our message to world governments is: help us to help you deliver the emissions reductions we all want to see.”


ICAO Assembly Decisions “Good News For Air Navigation” Says CANSO
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