02 February 2011 GUDRUN HELD'S BT BLOG

Business Transformation Workshop to Set Framework for Future Events

At this year's Middle East Conference the BT workgroup established the framework for future events

This year’s Business transformation workshop concentrated on the journey towards establishing clear separation between the regulatory, service provision and oversight functions.

Mr. Mohey Ragheb, Deputy Chairman of NANSC Egypt, shared the experience of his organisation with the workstream participants and started lively discussions in each of the four break-out sessions – covering various crucial areas such as ‘People’, ‘Governance Structures’, and ‘ensuring the availability of required expertise to finance’.

NANSC Egypt has a real success story to tell: over the last decade the State and the ANSPs have not only successfully addressed all the challenges that every State / ANSP face in course of the separation process and developed into a successful Air Navigation Services Provider, the Egyptian State and NANSC Egypt have also become a member of the Blue MED FAB - thus building a bridge between the Middle East, Africa and Europe. In other words: a crucial piece of cross-regional seamless ATM. By the way – the value of this crossregional cooperation was clearly shown by Massimo Garbini in his ‘Blue MED FAB’ presentation during one of the Conference sessions.

During the last two years the Business Performance WG has developed basic guidance material – all based on the different experiences and lessons-learned of CANSO member ANSPs. In the meeting we used three classic CANSO BT slides: The overall framework, the separation of functions (left) and the main phases from ‘self-regulation’ to creating ‘regional efficiencies’ through cooperation.

As NANSC Egypt is a true best practice example, WS members asked to use the CANSO guidance material (process phases) and populate it with the NANSC model. It was agreed to prepare the required material for the April Workshop – and look forward to a very hands on discussion.

Invitations for the April event and WG meetings will be sent out shortly.

Gudrun Held

Gudrun Held

Gudrun was responsible for leading CANSO's Business Transformation (BT) programme from 2008-2010. She worked closely with the Members and the Chairmen of our Workgroups, plus our regional offices, to identify the key BT issues and to define and begin transformation actions and activities.


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