28 June 2011 Mark DeNicuolo's Safety Blog

The Asia-Pacific Safety Seminar

As you’ve undoubtedly seen from the series of correspondences from CANSO, the aviation community has descended on Bangkok with a multi-faceted agenda. I need to mention these events before I get to what I really want to talk about - the Safety Seminar.
The events in Bangkok included the annual Asia-Pacific Conference, Global ATM Summit and Annual General Meeting, not to mention the multitude of regional, secretariat, Executive Committee and ad hoc meetings that made for a packed week of activities. There are several CANSO media correspondences discussing these events (notably the ATM Summit event review - 2.9 MB) so I won’t dwell on the content here except to make one point. The quality of the presentations, the subject matter discussed and the conversations during the networking opportunities made it clear that if you are an organisation either directly or indirectly responsible for air navigation service provision than CANSO is the place to be. One indication of the importance of the events is the fact that many of the attendees continued to deeply engage each other in conversation about any particular day’s conference presentations and CANSO’s role long after sessions concluded. To me that’s not only a sign of success but a serious indication of CANSO’s prominence in the industry.
Ok, now that I shouted that to the world it's time to get to what I wanted to focus this month’s article on, the Asia-Pacific Safety Seminar. I was very excited when it became clear that we were going to have 38 participants at the seminar. But come show time we had roughly 60 participants in attendance! It was really great to see so many colleagues not only there but actively participating in the discussions. Our agenda covered topics such as Regional Safety Issues, SMS Implementation and Executive Support, Safety Culture, Safety Risk Management and Runway Safety. It was a packed agenda to say the least. What was great to see was that all of the sessions sparked a lot of discussion from the attendees making the seminar an excellent forum to share experiences in a trusting environment and learn from each others best practices. The highlight of the day was the CEO Perspectives session with Greg Russell, CEO Airservices Australia; Hank Krakowski, former COO Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Organization; and Paul Riemens, CEO LVNL. The reason this session hit home with so many was the speakers' obvious commitment to safety. “Understanding and managing risk is a critical issue. It’s imperative that we learn from what happens in operations everyday and use that information to improve”, said Greg Russell. Hank Krakowski added, “Our customers deserve an equal, high level of safety regardless of which ANSP is providing services. One way of doing that is to have a harmonised Safety Management System to ensure the safe implementation of new technology and initiatives.” And looking to the future Paul Riemens discussed how, “The next version of our SMS must have indicators to help us predict the next cloud on the horizon”.

The feedback was very positive. If there was one remark that stood out it was a desire for the seminar to be longer and allow more time to delve into the topics further. We received similar comments after the Caribbean & Latin America Safety Seminar in April, so we’ll be looking at that in the future.

Thanks to the seminar facilitators: Stephen Angus, David Harrison, Claire Marrison and Werner Artner as well as the CANSO Regional Director Hai Eng Chiang for the outstanding work. And I would be truly remiss if I didn’t thank our wonderful host AEROTHAI.

I hope to see you at an upcoming safety seminar. Also keep in mind that the CANSO Annual ATM Safety Conference is from 30 October to 4 November in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is open to Full and Associate Members.

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