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The Global ATM Safety Conference

The 2011 Global ATM Safety Conference was held in Las Vegas from 30 October to 4 November 2011 with seventy delegates in attendance representing 28 ANSP from across the world and our three industry partners: ICAO, IATA and EUROCONTROL.
This year’s conference was themed ‘Expanding Our Safety Horizons’ and marked the first co-located Safety and Operations Standing Committee meetings including several joint sessions to stimulate collaboration on topics such as Human Factors in ATM. The conference presented us with the opportunity to celebrate the successes of the Workgroups and review the progress being made towards the realisation of Waypoint 2013’s goals. This allowed us to identify new - and reaffirm existing - safety programme goals and objectives for the upcoming year so as to allocate resources accordingly. In line with the new streamlined organisation of CANSO’s work programmes we also focussed on identifying the collaborative requirements and processes for a greater harmonisation of the work done by the Safety, Operations and Policy Standing Committees.

SMS Capability
The Safety Standing Committee (SSC) agreed that the SMS Maturity Metric could be used for the first phase of the CANSO metric. At the conference delegates had the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns, which will be addressed during the SSC’s consultation with ACI, IATA and ICAO. This consultation will also serve to clarify objectives and agree the next steps. It was also decided that the collaboration with ICAO on Regional Safety and Regional Runway Safety Seminars will continue. Job Brüggen (LVNL) and Michaela Heese (Austro Control) were selected as the new Safety Culture Workgroup co-leads.

Safety of Operations
The delegation heard that the safety risk analysis has made excellent progress. The next steps will build on this progress by focussing on the runway excursion thread and the development of common safety risk taxonomies.

Future Safety Development
The development of the Safety Management System Evolution Guide was approved. This guide will build on the work of the Safety Management Systems standard of excellence focussing on Safety by Design, Performance Measurement and Risk Management. Fatigue Risk Management will also be addressed via the ongoing collaborative work with ICAO.

Safety Performance Measurement
The publication of the first annual CANSO Safety Report consisting of current safety metrics was approved. It was decided that the IFR-IFR Loss of Separation Metric should be expanded to collect data to identify the top five causal factors. A proposal to mature the metric to better identify additional causal factors will be presented at the next Safety Conference in 2012. It was also decided that the Runway Incursion Metric will be expanded to collect data to support risk-based causal factor analysis. The SMS Maturity Metric has seen a marked increase in participation and the delegation agreed that it remains a strong leading indicator.

Human Factors
During the joint Safety and Operations Standing Committee session on human factors potential focus areas were discussed. As a consequence of this discussion the two committees will explore the feasibility of collaborating on human factor issues with other international groups such as the FAA/Eurocontrol AP-15.

Organisational Initiatives
The Safety conference also saw some organisational changes aimed at better supporting CANSO’s work such as assigning a SSC Steering Committee sponsor to each of the Workgroups to strengthen communication and to help ensure the proper allocation of resources. Safety, Operations and Policy Standing Committee collaborative initiatives will be agreed at ongoing meetings by the Standing Committee Chairs and Programme Managers. Lastly all SSC Workgroups will meet concurrently in May 2012 to help ensure cohesion.

The 2012 Global ATM Safety Conference will be hosted by ATNS in Cape Town, South Africa, from 29 October to 2 November 2012. The conference will include a 1.5-day Regional Runway Safety Seminar, in collaboration with ICAO, followed by a three-day Global ATM Safety Conference.

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