10 September 2009 Hai Eng Chiang's Asia-Pacific Blog

Safety in the Asia-Pacific Region: 'ANSPs Need to go Beyond Basic Regulatory Compliance'

I am in Bangkok now attending a meeting of the ICAO Asia-Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group. Yesterday I presented a paper announcing that CANSO will be holding its 1st Asia Pacific Safety Seminar for the regional ANSPs as a follow up from the last Asia Pacific ANSP Conference which identified safety as a high priority item for the region.
I made the point that while the regulatory requirements of SMS are quite clear, the practical implementation aspects are less so. The CANSO safety seminar will therefore focus on practical implementation issues such as safety culture, safety metrics and the exchange of safety data. In particular, the seminar will share with participants CANSO’s standard of excellence for SMS which is the industry benchmark distilled from the experiences and best practices of its global members.

I stressed that ANSPs need to go beyond basic regulatory compliance and focus more on safety performance and continuous improvement in safety. A comment from the ICAO secretariat noted the complementary nature of CANSO’s work in this area and the standards and recommended practices of ICAO. The meeting welcomed the CANSO initiative and encouraged regional ANSPs to send their safety managers and directors to the seminar.

The CANSO safety seminar is aimed at the safety directors and managers of all ANSPs in the Asia Pacific region. Those who wish to attend the seminar can register at www.canso.org/asiapacificseminar. I look forward to welcoming the safety experts of the region’s ANSPs to Singapore in November 2009.

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