ATM & Environment

CANSO’s ATM & Environment Workgroup seeks to understand and limit aviation’s environmental footprint and have adopted an environmental code of conduct, agreed a number of measurements and targets, and exchange best practice to improve environmental performance. Our Key Goal is for ATM to increase airspace efficiency to 96% by 2050.

Environment BLOG Last updated: 05 April 2012

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Tim Rees, Environment Programme Manager

Tim Rees is on secondment from Airservices Australia. He has extensive operational experience, most recently as a CNS/ATM specialist.


Waypoint 2013

Waypoint 2013 is CANSO's strategy for 2010-2013. It enables CANSO to lead the transformation of global ATM performance, and focuses on the implementation of best practice in SafetyOperations, and Policy.

Waypoint 2013 was unanimously endorsed at AGM 2010, and builds on the successful Imagine 2010 Strategy. It is the first of several three-year milestones towards the air traffic management industry’s Global Vision for a seamless air navigation services system.

Find out more is a joint industry website where information on aviation's collective efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses can be found. It is managed by ATAG, the Air Transport Action Group, a CANSO partner.



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