Technology & Operations Articles from Airspace Magazine

UAS: The Integration Challenge (60KB) - 2011 - Quarter 2
UAS must overcome five main challenges before they can safely operate in nonsegregated airspace alongside manned aircraft.

Asia-Pacific States Accelerate ADS-B Work (112KB) - 2011 - Quarter 2
The region’s aviation stakeholders are looking to ADS-B to enable greener, safer operations

Voice Over IP for ATM – Ready for Deployment - 2011 - Quarter 1
The industry considers voice over IP as a viable alternative to present day networks

Breaking Down Language Barriers - 2010 - Quarter 4
March 2011 signals the end of the three-year transition period established by ICAO for the post-2implementation of its revised language proficiency requirements. Is the industry compliant008 ?

Performance-Based Operations - 2010 - Quarter 4
ICAO is ramping up its PBN programme in 2011 to support PBN implementation with direct support to states, new educational activities and additional guidance material

CDA gathers momentum in Europe - 2010 - Quarter 3
As the aviation industry prepares to gather again in Geneva for its regular environment summit, we look at the work of the European CDA Action Plan.

Bringing the wide perspective - 2010 - Quarter 2
The CANSO Operations Standing Committee has published its response to IATA's User Requirements for Air Traffic Services.

Eyes on the prize - 2010 - Quarter 2
ATNS has introduced its award - winning Air Traffic Flow Management tool, just in time for the world cup.

Airports - Adding the missing link - 2010 - Quarter 2
Without efficiency improvements on the ground as well as in the air, the SESAR environmental targets cannot be met. Airport Collaborative Decision Making is showing how airports can play their part in reducing environmental impact.

WAM Vs. SSR: The Benefits of Wide Area Multilateration - 2010 - Quarter 1
As ANSPs begin investing in a new generation of surveillance equipment, attention is falling on the alternatives to the classic Secondary Surveillance Radar solution

SES II - Is Europe Ready for the Deployment Phase of SESAR? - 2010 - Quarter 1
With the European Commission turning from definition and development to deployment and implementation of SESAR, the focus is increasingly on whether the political reality of SES II is ready for the implications of the project

Accommodating UAS: Adapting the Regulatory Framework - 2009 - Quarter 4
The pressure to speed up the regulatory process for Unmanned Aerial Systems is building. Here we explore the key developments taking place at ICAO

Approaching the Future: GBAS in Germany, Spain and Australia - 2009 - Quarter 4
With the US FAA granting system design approval for Ground Based Augmentation Systems, a number of ANSPs are pushing ahead with trials of this new precision approach technology

Europe's CPDLC Mandate - 2009 - Quarter 3
As the EU lays down new requirements on data links, what are the prospects for similar mandates in other regions?

Safely Does It - CANSO SMS Standard of Excellence - 2009 - Quarter 3
The first of CANSO’s new Standards of Excellence is in Safety Management Systems. Airspace looks at how this standard works and what it means for ANSPs

Civil-Military Cooperation - 2009 - Quarter 3
Greater cooperation between civil and military air navigation is increasingly seen as essential if significant increases in capacity and efficiency are to occur. Here we see some examples of how CANSO members are promoting such cooperation around the world

Integrating the Unknown - Eurocontrol UAS ATM Integration Activity and CANSO UAS Guidance - 2009 - Quarter 2
Unmanned Integration Systems are becoming a familiar feature in Europe and the US. EUROCONTROL is proceeding with a twin-track integration plan to 2020 and beyond. Meanwhile CANSO has issued its own UAS guidlines

The Transition from AIS-AIM - 2009 - Quarter 2
Nowhere is the move from traditional world to the digital age more acute than in the world of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). The transition from AIS to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) is crucial to driving the performance-focused ATM of the future

The Integrated Glass Tower - 2009 - Quarter 1
The air traffic control tower is an aviation icon, but inside it is undergoing a quiet technological revolution. Tony Lo Brutto of Sensis explains the key elements of the transformation

PBN – A Key Step Towards Airspace Modernisation - 2009 - Quarter 1
ICAO’s push for faster implementation of PBN will mean the whole industry pulling together to give it new impetus

Responding to the Crisis: CANSO Members Seek More Efficient Operations - 2008 - Quarter 4
The CANSO Madeira Statement has focused attention on the pressure to reduce fuel burn, for both environmental and cost advantage. A number of key projects are under way which will help ANSPs reduce fuel burn for their customers

Safety Management on the Rise - 2008 - Quarter 4
As CANSO prepares its own Safety Management System Standard, the expertise of its members becomes crucial. Here, Senior Consultant for Safety Management Hans de Jong explains the essential elements of the DFS SMS

ADS-B in the South China Sea - 2008 - Quarter 2/3
The first task of CANSO’s new Asia-Pacific office will be to liaise with IATA over a project to push forward the implementation of ADS-B over the South China Sea

New Customers, New Markets - 2008 - Quarter 1
Ultra-long-haul aircraft and ATM

Airports Collaborative Decision Making - 2008 - Quarter 1