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Download the CANSO ATM Report & Directory 2012

The CANSO ATM Report & Directory is an essential resource for all air traffic management colleagues. Professionally written and designed, the 2012 edition features:

  • More than 100 pages of in-depth industry analysis, with contributions from leading industry thinkers:
    • Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General, ICAO
    • Tony Tyler, Director General, IATA Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World
    • Alexis Brathwaite, President & CEO, IFATCA
    • Paul Riemens, CEO LVNL & CANSO Chairman
    • Samantha Sharif, Director General (Interim), CANSO
    • CANSO Programme Managers and Regional Directors
  • ATM traffic and ANSP performance data
  • A closer look at the priorities facing the ATM industry
  • Reports from the regions
  • Comprehensive directory of more than 70 ANSPs and 70 leading industry suppliers
  • Introducing CANSO: who we are and what we do



Paul Riemens, CANSO Chairman discusses the importance of working with key stakeholders to transform Air Traffic Management. (98KB)
Samantha Sharif, CANSO Director General (Interim) summarises the association's activities and successes. (130 KB)


Global ATM Traffic and ANSP Performance Data

  • Global Air Traffic Statistics Per Month
  • Global Air Traffic Statistics Per CANSO Member ANSP


ANSP & Supplier Directory

To access the most up-to-date ANSP and Industry Supplier information, please visit the CANSO Member Directory web page.