42 Solutions successfully completes prototyping of the new fallback system for Air Traffic Control Netherlands

6 March 2018

In October 2017 the Dutch ANSP (LVNL) granted the contract for the new Last Resort Air Situation Display to 42 Solutions B.V. With the successful completion of the prototype acceptance test of Merlin fallback (Merlin FB), 42 Solutions concludes the swift and highly interactive 3 month prototyping phase.

The prototyped system behaviour is now being adopted into the main development branch of Merlin and the tailored result is expected to be deployed at the LVNL Contingency Centre this summer.

Merlin FB offers the functionalities required for safe contingency operations. It offers community standard interfaces in accordance with EC IOP regulations. The software is developed and maintained in compliance with ED-153 SWAL4 requirements.

Key features include:

  • track, plot and weather processing (ASTERIX)
  • role based user interface with tailored touch input panel, label layouts and airspace maps
  • executive input broadcasting for sound situational awareness across the ATCO positions
  • touch input panel emulation for seamless transition from online to fall back

The development roadmap of the advanced version of Merlin includes releases suitable for safe ATC operations (SWAL3) as well as further integration with other ATM/CNS constituents. These developments will render the product suitable for a wider range of application areas.



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