A3000 Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance and Control System Selected for Fourth Turkish Airport

30 October 2013

Havaalani Isletme Ve Havacilik Endüstrileri A.S. (HEAS) has selected the A3000 Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) by Saab subsidiary HITT for Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. The A-SMGCS will utilise multiple surveillance sources, including Saab’s surface multilateration system, to provide controllers with improved situational awareness and operating efficiency at Turkey’s third busiest airport. 

The A3000 A-SMGCS will fuse surveillance data from multilateration sensors and surface movement radar for the location and identification of all aircraft and vehicles operating on the airport’s surface. Further, the surveillance data is integrated with the A3000’s Safety Logic conflict detection and alerting algorithms to provide controllers with advanced visual and auditory warning of potential runway incursions. The system will also include controller working positions. 

“The Saab A3000 will provide controllers with the precise surveillance needed for increased safety and efficiency at this busy single-runway airport,” said Engin AKYELI, the Technical Director of Sabiha Gökçen Airport. “The use of the A3000 across four of the top five busiest airports in the country will ensure consistency in operations, training and maintenance.”

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is a single runway airport that handled more than 14 million passengers in 2012, a 10% increase over 2011. It is the 101st busiest airport in the world. 

“Sabiha Gökçen has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years that is expected to continue for many more,” said Ken Kaminski, general manager of Saab ATM. “The Saab A3000 and associated sensors provide the airport with a platform that is ready for current needs and can easily expand and adapt to future growth and demands for safety and efficiency systems.” 

The A3000 by HITT is one of the industry’s most widely deployed A-SMGCS, with more than 40 sites around the world, including multiple locations in Europe (Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey and more), Asia (China, India and Vietnam) and South America (Brazil). Saab surface multilateration is in operation or being deployed to more than 60 sites around the world. 



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