CANSO’s purpose is to create value for its Members by being the global and regional voice of air traffic management (ATM) and by facilitating and supporting improvements in global and regional ATM performance.

Standing Committees and Workgroups

CANSO has three standing committees, with supporting workgroups, which deliver policy and set standards on behalf of Members. They bring together global experts to address issues of common interest; to share experience for the promotion of best practice; and to develop policies across a broad spectrum of issues.

Safety Standing Committee (SSC)

Strategy and Integration Standing Committee (SISC)

Operations Standing Committee (OSC)

Networks/Task Forces

These are ad hoc bodies, established to examine specific issues, and to initiate targeted policies to guide ANSPs in their strategic development.

CANSO committees, workgroups, and policy makers are brought together through regular meetings, and through the Global ATM-Net, a unique extranet, linking the world’s ANSPs in a global communications platform for air traffic management. Accessible only to CANSO Members, the site aims to improve communications between ANSPs to support their closer cooperation and facilitate meetings and information/resource sharing.

Region Activities

CANSO has five regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, and the Middle East. Each region has a CANSO region director. In addition, the CANSO Director ICAO Affairs is based in Montreal.

CANSO’s regions lead regional and national air traffic management initiatives, within the framework of CANSO’s global policies. They operate across the three broad areas of safety, operations and strategy and integration, working with industry stakeholders and States to transform ATM performance in their regions and globally. They represent the interests of ANSPs and the air traffic management industry on initiatives such as: regional airspace harmonisation; further improving safety through seminars and sharing best practice; and operational improvements such as the implementation of performance-based navigation (PBN) or ADS-B as part of ICAO’s Aviation System Block Upgrades.

CANSO organisation

A chart showing the organisation of CANSO can be found here and individual staff responsibilities can be found on the CANSO staff page.


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