Adacel to Continue Work with Lockheed Martin on FAA ATOP Extension

17 September 2013

Orlando, Florida, September 12, 2013 - Adacel announced today that the Company will continue to collaborate with the Lockheed Martin Corporation on the FAA Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) program. This follows on the heels of the 8-year contract extension awarded by the FAA to Lockheed Martin at the end of July for the continued support of the ATOP programme. 

ATOP was a ground breaking initiative by the FAA to enhance air traffic operational efficiency and safety within the vast U.S. controlled oceanic airspaces of the Atlantic and Pacific. The advanced systems are fully operational at the FAA’s New York, Oakland and Anchorage Oceanic Air Route Traffic Control Centers covering 24 million miles of FAA controlled international airspace. The 8-year extension awarded by the FAA is comprised of one base year and seven option years with a period of performance starting August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2021.The total extended value to Lockheed Martin is projected to be more than $500 million if the seven, one-year options are exercised. The resulting flow down value to Adacel is estimated to exceed $75 million if all option years are executed. 

The Lockheed Martin ATOP solution utilises Adacel’s Aurora ATM software and is comprised of hardware and software components that provide an automated platform in support of air traffic control operations. The highly advanced system is a comprehensive air traffic management solution that is enabling significant gains in safety, efficiency, airspace capacity and environmental compatibility and is helping to achieve incremental advancements vital to U.S. NextGen and Eurocontrol SESAR initiatives. 

Adacel’s key contribution lies in the design and maintenance of critical software for 4D profile protection, automated conflict detection, dynamic airspace allocation, automated coordination between centers and controller pilot data link communications. The Aurora software provides crucial data and alerts to controllers to improve airspace efficiency and safety in oceanic and mixed surveillance/ non-surveillance airspaces. 

In addition to the ATOP program, Adacel’s Aurora ATM technology is in wide use in airspaces controlled by Portugal, Fiji, Iceland, and New Zealand. In January this year Adacel was also awarded a contract by Norway’s Avinor to provide a new ATM system for managing air traffic in the Bodø Oceanic Flight Information Region. 

“Adacel has worked closely with Lockheed Martin throughout the ATOP program and we are pleased to continue our combined efforts toward advancing ATM safety and efficiency.” 

Seth Brown, CEO Adacel



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