ADS-B implementation in Mongolia

7 June 2018

Recent years, Mongolia has implemented a number of projects and programs on air navigation in order to improve flight safety and enhance efficiency. As one of them, the ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) system has been used by Mongolia for situational awareness since 2016. The ADS-B system is planned to be used for ATS surveillance control separation within the four surveillance air traffic control sectors on the 21st June of 2018.

This will improve flight safety and reduce the hardware-related delay in the provision of surveillance control service. In addition, ADS-B implementation for ATS surveillance separation will be applied and during this period the carriage of ADS-B equipment for flight is optional. 

About 97 percent of aircraft overflying through Mongolian airspace are equipped with the appropriate equipment. By 2021, Mongolia will be required all aircraft operating in the upper airspace to be equipped with ADS-B equipment.

The number of flights traveling through Mongolia has constantly increased over the past few years. The number of over flights in 2017 has increased by 11, 6% from that of 2016. As forecasted by CAA of Mongolia, this increase will continue in coming years.

In this regard, Mongolia started working on a new traffic control center with advanced, modern technology to increase the safety and efficiency of flights and it will be commissioned in 2020.

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