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Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) Training Development Guidance Manual

CANSO’s Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) Training Development Guidance Manual: A Competency-Based Model for Air Navigation Service Providers offers you practical information on how to improve the provision of quality and timely aeronautical information by implementing aeronautical information management (AIM).

This Manual will help Member ANSPs to transition from paper and telex-based aeronautical information services (AIS) to a network-centric aeronautical information management (AIM) environment, required by computer-based navigation systems, area navigation (RNAV), navigation performance (RNP) and air traffic management (ATM).

How to use this manual
Successful transition from AIS to AIM requires AIS personnel to develop new competencies. This Manual therefore offers guidance on a competency-based approach to training, providing Members with a framework to develop new training programmes that will enable their personnel to successfully transition to an AIM environment.

Further information
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