AFC3 Meeting Discussed How the Region will Align with CANSO Vision 2020

29 July 2014

In June, we focused on preparing for the CANSO Global ATM Summit and 18th AGM. Just after the AGM the Africa region held its Technical/AFC3 meetings. In attendance were ATNS of South Africa, Aeroportos de Mocambique, Uganda CAA, Tanzania CAA, Zambia Airports, Angola CAA, and NAMA of Nigeria.

The meeting discussed how the region will align with CANSO Vision 2020. During this session, the safety work group, lead Ms Gwyneth Howell of ATNS, reported on the status of the work done in the safety environment. The Safety Workgroup has been busy with the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) as agreed at the AFC3 meeting which took place after the 17th AGM in Curacao in 2013. 

Progress has not been as good as needed in the implementation of the identified priority areas by the Operations Workgroup. As a result Mr Albert Taylor of Ghana CAA, Mr Richard Ruhesi of Uganda, as well as Mr Josia Manyakoana of ATNS, were nominated as Operations Workgroup leads and they are to meet and identify focus areas and plan of action. 

Mr Ruhesi of Uganda presented recommendations on the funding of the CANSO Africa office. In 2011 when the Africa office was set up, ATNS signed an agreement with CANSO to fund the office for three years once it had been confirmed as a region. The term comes to an end in June 2016. The region put in place a task team, which is to recommend how the office should be funded. Mr Ruhesi was elected chair of the meeting, which was held in South Africa in May 2014. The meeting agenda was to: review the budget proposal presented by the RD; benchmark the funding models of other regions; review the cost structure of the office; recommend options for funding the office; and make recommendations and proposals on how to finance the office. 

The task team recommendations were: 

  1. 2014-16 the office remains funded by ATNS 
  2. 2016-17 ATNS funds the RD’s salary; assistant’s salary, and the office costs. CANSO Members will contribute towards the operational costs by taking over the hosting of events and the event travelling costs of the RD 
  3. 2017-18 ATNS to fund the RD salary plus her assistant while the other operational costs of running the office and hosting events will be borne by the Members through additional subscriptions as determined by the AFC3 per year on a pro-rata basis. 2018-19 onwards the same approach as #3 above continues.The work of the CANSO Membership Policy Task Force will have an impact on the funding of the region. 

The meeting approved this recommendation and the Chair of the region, Mr Mthiyane, will discuss this further with the other CEOs and DGs who were not part of the meeting. 

Mr Frank Chinambu, together with the Regional Director presented the status of the planning for the CANSO Africa Conference in Livingstone in October 2014. The planning is on course and registrations are now open on 

There were some leadership changes in the region during the past few months and these are as follows in the table below.  We would like to wish all the retired DGs and CEOs the best in their new endeavours.


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BONI DIBATE Director Africa Affairs

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