Africa Quarterly Update

Quarter 2, 2017

CANSO is making significant progress on the implementation of the CANSO Africa ATM Safety Peer Review Initiative. In February, Mozambique Airports hosted a review meeting with Mozambique CAA and National Airports Corporation Limited (NACL) of Zambia, where NACL reviewed Mozambique Airports. Tanzania Airports also held a review session, where Tanzania CAA was reviewed by Uganda CAA and Kenya CAA. In March, CANSO facilitated a meeting between Ghana CAA and Roberts FIR to explain the process ANSPs follow when they meet, and to schedule their first review this summer. By then, it is intended that four of the five review groups will be active, meaning almost all CANSO Members in Africa will have honoured the Declaration signed during the CANSO Africa Conference 2016 in Ghana.

CANSO, together with ICAO, has confirmed an Africa ATM Safety Peer Review Initiative meeting to be held in Sierra Leone in May. The purpose of this is to discuss and to promote the project to all African ANSPs.

In March, CANSO participated in a Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOO) meeting organised by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in partnership with ICAO, in Swaziland. RSOOs are organisations responsible for ensuring safety management in each country. The objective of this meeting was to approve a global strategy and action plan for the improvement of RSOOs, and establish a global system for the provision of safety oversight. The meeting proposed that a platform be established to better facilitate the exchange of information and best practice and foster greater cooperation between RSOOs.

Quarter 1, 2017

CANSO participated in an Africa Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation and Security meeting
hosted by Kenya CAA, in partnership with ICAO and AFCAC, to establish an action plan to implement
the Windhoek Ministerial Declaration and targets on aviation and security and facilitation. 68 participants
from 27 States and international organisations attended the event including IATA, AFCAC, ICAO, SITA,

The meeting concluded that States should endeavour to comply with the relevant UN Security Council
resolutions, implement screening measures to improve security, link with INTERPOL at all times, develop
measures to prevent cyber attacks, and participate in and promote sub regional activities. The group also
agreed to develop an aviation security training programme for the aviation industry.

In November, CANSO organised a collaborative decision-making (CDM) seminar, hosted by Uganda
Civil Aviation Authority, under the theme ‘A harmonised and interoperable African Airspace’ in Entebbe,
Uganda. Some 80 delegates from six CANSO Members attended the seminar, as well as airlines and
airports, manufactures and equipment suppliers.

Attendees agreed to share information from other ANSPs that have implemented airport collaborative
decision-making (A-CDM) , establish ‘Go Teams’ at CANSO to facilitate peer support, set up a collaboration
mechanism between airports, and create a safety and security forum as an A-CDM platform. Participants
also agreed to convene a meeting of airport stakeholders to discuss A-CDM and develop further actions
on how to establish A-CDM and a structure to manage it.

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