Africa Quarterly Updates 2014

Quarter Four, 2014

The second CANSO Africa Conference took place in October hosted by Zambia National Airports Corporation. The theme was 'Making Vision 2020 a Reality in Africa' and participants discussed how Vision 2020 is being implemented in Africa and how we can foster and encourage greater collaboration in the Africa region.

One of the panel sessions discussed the implications of not implementing the Yamoussoukro Decision on airspace liberalisation. The panel concluded that lack of implementation was hindering harmonisation and the seamless operation of airspace; and States need to be persuaded to implement the Decision.

Results were presented of the ASBU implementation survey which assesses the status of ground systems, avionics, procedures as well as operations approvals processes for each State. The response rate has been disappointing and the Conference agreed to hold a follow-up workshop to give renewed emphasis to ASBU implementation.

The safety session discussed how industry partners see their role in improving safety in Africa. IATA, ICAO and CANSO presented their initiatives on safety management system (SMS) implementation in the Africa region. A safety workshop found that SMS implementation and runway safety are still the two main safety priorities. This group recommended that executives should undertake SMS implementation training to show staff that they support the programmes. Following the Conference, 85 participants attended a runway safety seminar organised by CANSO, ICAO and IATA. Participants were taught about identifying risk hazards and how to establish runway safety teams at airports.

A Flightyield workshop took place after the CANSO Africa CEO Committee meeting (AFC3) on 6 October to brief African ANSPs about CANSO’s revolutionary, fully integrated aeronautical billing, collection and revenue management service. The workshop discussed how the service can help CANSO Members develop and optimise new revenue management strategies, while delivering the investment in new systems and business processes, increasingly demanded by the industry.


Quarter Three, 2014

The Africa region, in its quest to partner with industry players and raise awareness of CANSO in the region, participated in the 3rd AFRAA Aviation Suppliers and Stakeholders Convention in Nairobi; and the ICAO 'Aviation Safety in Africa' Symposium in Dakar.

AFC3 met in Dublin and expressed continuing support for Vision 2020 by confirming the regional focus areas of runway safety, SMS implementation, PBN implementation, ASBU implementation, seamless airspace and human resources sharing. The meeting also discussed the need for more Members in the region. The meeting made recommendations on the funding of the Africa office with ATNS continuing to fund the staff to 2018 but from 2016 the other Members would fund the running of the office and events.

The annual CANSO Africa Conference is hosted this year by National Airports Corporation Limited, Zambia and is centred on the theme "Making Vision 2020 a reality in Africa". A key enabler to achieving the vision of safe, harmonised and seamless airspace is the implementation of ICAO's Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs) and the conference will explore the implementation status of key elements including: performance-based navigation (PBN); air traffic flow management (ATFM) in conjunction with collaborative decision making (CDM); and the transition to aeronautical information management (AIM).


Quarter Two, 2014

The CANSO Africa CEO Committee (AFC3) and the Technical Committee met in Madrid in March to ensure the alignment of the Africa region with Vision 2020 and to identify critical areas in safety and operations. In February, a regional safety seminar in Uganda discussed five safety challenges to be overcome: lack of SMS implementation due to management non commitment; lack of and too expensive training; shortage of financial and staff resources; political interference; and lack of effective oversight as well as safety culture. CANSO continues to participate in industry initiatives and events: in April we made a presentation to the ACI regional security conference on "The political imperatives and the value of agreements between States"; and we will be participating in the African Airlines Association Conference with the aim of recruiting more Associate members to join CANSO. Finally, we are currently planning the CANSO Africa Conference in October in Zambia, with which a runway safety seminar will run concurrently.


Quarter One, 2014

In Africa, CANSO partnered with ICAO and the South African government for the ICAO International Air Service Negotiations conference (ICAN13) in Durban. The aim was to promote collaboration and improve partnership with the relevant organisations in Africa. We were able to present CANSO to ICAO member States and hence raise the CANSO profile with the authorities in this continent of growing importance in aviation.

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