Air Navigation Services Agency of Kosovo

Organisation Overview

We aim to fulfill the social, business, government and military needs of the country, and to make persistent and forward looking efforts for the ultimate in facilities and air service.

Our vision is to develop world-class airport infrastructure & facilities, and achieve the highest standards of safety and security, customer-orientated international airport. Our priority is to meet the changing demands of commercial aviation for the passengers and airlines today and in the future, finding new means to increase utilization of the facility to create better operating effectiveness. 

No of Towers Operated: 1
No. of ACCs:  1
No. of Employees: 157
Total number of ATCOs: 24
Total number of operational ATCOs: 21

Membership type: Full Member
Director: Mr. Bahri Nuredini
Head office:

Air Navigation Services Agency of Kosovo, Vrelle, 10070 Lipjan, Republic of Kosovo

Country: Republic of Kosovo
Telephone number: +383 38 59 58 132
Fax number: +383 38 59 58 306

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