Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS Czech Republic)

Organisation Overview

The key purpose of ANS CR is to maintain a safe environment for air traffic in the dynamically developing civil aviation and under the ever-changing conditions of international air transport. In accordance with the legal regulations and international civil aviation standards, ANS CR provides public aviation services for users of the airspace of the Czech Republic, at the airports of Prague-Ruzyne, Brno-Turany, Ostrava-Mosnov, and Karlovy Vary. 

Apart from ensuring the high level of operational safety and quality of the services rendered, the aspects of efficiency, reasonable profitability, and renewable resources are also being monitored.

Towers operated:                               4
Number of ACCs:                               1
Employees:                                   937
Total number of ATCOs:                   299
Total number of operational ATCOs:   242

Membership type: Full Member
Managing director: Mr. Jan Klas
Head office: Navigační 787 252 61 Jeneč
Country: Czech Republic
Telephone number: +420 220 372 244
Fax number: +420 220 373 230
Website :

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