Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS Czech Republic)

Organisation Overview

ANS CR is a progressive provider of safe and cost-effective air traffic services designated by Czech Ministry of Transport. Its task is to provide services to airspace users within the Czech airspace and at 4 international airports - Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary. Covering rather small but very complex airspace, the company handled more than 850.000 flights in 2017 with minimal level of delay.

Operating fleet of jet and propeller calibration aircraft, ANS CR offers wide range of flight inspection services. In addition, ANS CR provides specialized aviation training. The portfolio includes ATC training, pilot and other aviation staff training using its own facilities including ATC and aircraft simulators. The above-mentioned activities together with ATM consultancy services are provided to international customers on commercial basis by subsidiary companies CANI (Czech Air Navigation Institute) and CATC (Czech Aviation Training Centre).

Being member of SESAR Joint Undertaking, ANS CR actively contributes to SESAR 2020 Programme. Participation in SESAR Deployment Programme is ensured by involvement in several implementation projects. Together with other central European countries the Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE) was formally established. All such activities contribute to implementation of the Single European Sky (SES) legislation.

Employees:                                             989

Total number of ATCOs:                         276

Total number of operational ATCOs:       218

Membership type: Full Member
Director General: Mr. Jan Klas
Head office: Navigační 787 252 61 Jeneč
Country: Czech Republic
Telephone number: +420 220 371 111
Fax number: +420 220 373 230
Website :

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