Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Smart

29 November 2013

In response to the increased demand for the provision of air traffic services at a global level, ANSPs are setting up operational units responsible for managing the flow of air traffic. Under the objectives established by Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano (SENEAM) to maintain and provide first class air navigation services, the operational unit called SMART, (Sistema de Monitoreo, Administración y Regulación del Tránsito Aéreo) commenced its operations on 2 July 2013. Its mission is to: 

  1. Properly monitor ATC units around the country. In other words, concentrate under one single unit, complex information, to guarantee and maintain an adequate transmission of information to the appropriate level within the Ministry of Public Works. By taking advantage of the infrastructure, adapt the unit to serve as a crisis management centre.
  2. Manage the use of the airspace effectively and efficiently, as well as, manage any relevant information regarding operations within the Mexican Air Space, for example, coordination with different entities (military and civilian authorities, airports, and airlines) regarding circumstances and/or conditions that interfere with air operations.
  3. Manage air traffic flow to airports in Mexico by maintaining a balance within aeronautical operations taking into consideration their capacity. In addition, implementing measures such as: 
  1. Ground delay programmes, assigning take-off times to aircraft providing an available time, (GDP).
  2. Programmes that will establish a maximum capacity of aircraft for periods of time and distance.
  3. Reorganising air traffic flow from and to airports, considering route changes and adjustments in speed, ensuring a safe, orderly and unobstructed aircraft movement within the Mexican air space.

This unit facilitates the optimisation of the existing infrastructures at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) by the use of new tools and technologies that achieve greater exchange of information between SENEAM and authorities, airlines and service providers. 


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