Air Traffic & Navigation Services (ATNS)

Organisation Overview

ATNS is responsible for air traffic control in approximately 10% of the world’s airspace. Our services extend further than the familiar air traffic control service, into the provision of vitally important aeronautical information used for all flight planning purposes as well as search and rescue coordination activities and the maintenance of a reliable navigation infrastructure. 

Our operations further include: 

  • The supply of aeronautical information services, technical maintenance and aerodrome services;
  • Alert, search and rescue coordination services;
  • Management of the flexible use of airspace through the Central Airspace Management Unit (CAMU);
  • Support for special events and special requirements;
  • The implementation and maintenance of a terrestrial-based navigational structure; and
  • The training of licensed air traffic controllers and technical staff through our Aviation Training Academy (ATA).

No. of Towers operated:23
No. of ACCs:2
No. of Employees:1050
Total number of ATCOs:568
Total number of operational ATCOs:525

Membership type: Full Member
Chief Executive Officer (Acting): Mr. Thomas Kgokolo
Head office:

Private Bag X15, Kempton Park, Gauteng 1620 South Africa

Country: South Africa
Telephone number: +27 11 607 1000
Fax number: +27 11 607 1570
Website :

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