Airbus ProSky to Redesign Airspace in Haiti, Port au Prince

11 April 2014

Airbus ProSky signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yesterday with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Abu Dhabi, to consult on the redesign of Haiti’s airspace as part of a wider initiative to rebuild the country’s aviation infrastructure. 

Under the agreement with IATA, Airbus ProSky will coordinate with Haiti’s civil aviation authority, Office National de L'Aviation Civile (OFNAC), and IATA airline members in order to propose a Performance Based Navigation (PBN) concept of operations aimed at optimising the airspace. The implementation of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures will enable the operators to improve airport operational accessibility and enhance the traffic flow into Port au Prince International Airport (PAP). 

IATA and Airbus ProSky will also collaborate in Latin America, jointly identifying airports where PBN implementation could prove beneficial. The objective of this initiative is to support the Latin American countries and operators through effective PBN deployment at the targeted airports to improve safety and optimise air traffic management (ATM) to sustain the passenger traffic growth in the region. 

Peter Cerda, IATA Regional Vice President for the Americas said, “The need for timely implementation of PBN is the key to improve Haiti’s airspace. We are extremely confident that this project will significantly improve ATM in the region, increasing efficiency and accessibility.” 

Paul-Franck Bijou, Chief Executive Officer, Airbus ProSky added, “We are delighted to work with IATA on the Haiti Port au Prince Airport project, in collaboration with Latin America. As a subsidiary of Airbus, Airbus ProSky’s mission is to transform and modernise ATM globally.” 

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