Airspace 45 - Q2 2019

Airspace Issue 45 provides a snapshot of the latest innovations, issues and topics affecting the the air traffic management industry, including spaced-based automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast (ADS-B), skills, investment, procurement, capacity, human performance. It also include an interview with CANSO Global ATM Summit and 23rd AGM host, skyguide, a regional perspective from the Asia Pacific CANSO CEO Committee Chair and insight into AAI's developments in India.

Inside this issue


Cover story

  • Space-based ADS-B lifts off - Space-based automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast is finally a reality with the potential to transform airspace design. Find out what this means for the air traffic management industry.


  • Doing the right thing right - Alex Bristol, CEO at skyguide tells Airspace editor, Graham Newton, that partnering towards innovation will be vital to handling the demand for air navigation services.

Letter from the regions


  • Money management - Why air navigation service providers need to invest significantly to handle the growth in air traffic while their business models may be evolving.
  • Know what is required - Kelly Ann Hicks, Chair of the CANSO Acquisition Excellence Workgroup, explains the importance of understanding and documenting all requirements in a project.
  • A time for action - European ANSPs need to accelerate the implementation of new technologies and concepts now if they are to accommodate the demand for air transport in the long term. 
  • A robust roadmap for IndiaThe enormous surge in air traffic in India is a challenge that Airports Authority of India is welcoming with open arms.
  • Power to the people - Human performance remains the critical link in safe and efficient air navigation service provision - but can this be optimised?


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