Airspace Issue 31 - Quarter 4, 2015

This edition of Airspace focuses on the importance of partnership in air traffic management.

We look at a shared approach to cyber security and how the industry can work together to defend itself from cyber attacks.

We talk to the Managing Director of Kazaeronavigatsia, who underlines the importance of partnership and international alignment with the main regional programmes, such as SESAR in Europe, NextGen in the US and CARATS in Japan. We examine the COOPANS Alliance and the challenges of partnership and collaboration across Europe; and explore the role of air traffic flow management  in improving efficiency in Europe.

This issue features an article on the ATM Research Institute in Singapore, and its leading role in preparing Asia Pacific for air traffic growth.

NATS stresses the importance of partnership with local communities to mitigate noise and environmental impacts.

We shine a spotlight on Brazil and how DECEA plans to implement ADS-B to tackle increasing air traffic.

Teri Bristol highlights recent successes in NextGen and outlines future plans.

Finally, we share part two of the environmental case studies from CANSO Members that feature in the ATAG publication Aviation Climate Solutions.


Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America and Caribbean


  • SES
  • ICAO
  • ATFM
  • Airspace Magazine
  • Environment

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