Airspace Issue 33 - Q2, 2016

This edition of Airspace focuses on partnership and the future of ATM.

Neil R. Wilson, President and CEO of NAV CANADA, talks about the power of partnerships and the benefits of sharing technological expertise and developments.

Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) writes about cooperating to reap the benefits of cross-border ATM.

The FAA presents a method of risk assessment that represents an important step forward in shaping global safety standards and enhancing collaboration among ANSPs around the world.

We interview Paul Riemens, who completes his five years as CANSO Chair in June. He talks to Airspace about the highlights of his time in the role and his ideas for the industry’s future.

Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer of FAA ATO, reports on FAA’s plans to deal with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and how to incorporate the commercial space industry into FAA’s collaborative decision making (CDM) process.

We look at airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) and the guidance material in the latest CANSO publication Airport CDM: Optimisation through Collaboration.

Finally, we talk about the future of ATM, and how the nature of change and the speed with which it is implemented are being hotly debated.



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