Airspace magazine: Towards the next 10 years

23 February 2018

The first editor of Airspace magazine, Chris Goater, looks back on the aspirations for the magazine

It was a shock to be reminded that Airspace magazine had reached its tenth birthday. Where did all that time go?

I have many happy memories of producing those early editions, and I am proud to see the magazine still going strong and being the powerful voice for the air traffic management industry and CANSO’s people and policies that it was conceived to be.

When I arrived at CANSO in late 2007, then Director General, Alexander ter Kuile, gave me a simple instruction – to get the organisation on the front foot in terms of broadcasting its messages to a wider audience. It quickly became obvious that the organisation lacked a platform to push its transformation agenda and enable CANSO Members to rally behind some key messages to its stakeholders.

Also, at a time of enormous technological change, with everything from automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) rollout to the first trials of remote towers, it was important to explain these innovations from the air navigation service provider (ANSP) standpoint.

So, it seemed natural for CANSO to develop its own magazine, so that it could share these stories and messages.

Over the two-and-a-half years of my stewardship as editor, the magazine developed with the use of freelance expert writers, a range of columnists, and an online presence, all of which has been built on and improved in later years. There’s no doubt in my mind that Airspace has become what we hoped it would be; the world’s best magazine on air traffic management.

Since 2008, the media landscape has been transformed by the arrival of social media and other digital media tools. Many question the need for more traditional communications platforms such as a printed magazine. Of course, digital media is tremendous, but I still believe there is room for print. A magazine is a tangible calling-card that has a solidity and credibility that social media lacks. Airspace is an extension of CANSO’s brand, and the place where its most important work, the key industry trends, and the deepest thinkers in ATM can be found.

For as long as Airspace is produced, there can be no doubt about what CANSO stands for, and therefore I look forward to the magazine’s next decade, as it flourishes alongside its parent, helping to transform ATM performance.


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About the author

Chris Goater Assistant Director, Corporate Communications, IATA

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