Airspace Q4 2018: Celebrating ATM success in 2018

17 December 2018


Air traffic management achieved numerous successes in 2018 that are further enhancing the safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly use of airspace.

Airspace asked CANSO Members to send us stories of their successes in 2018 and what we received gives a fascinating snapshot of innovation and partnership across the industry.

New technologies are helping to improve the safety and efficiency of the skies and will help air navigation service providers (ANSPs) manage growing air traffic demand, new entrants to airspace and the cyber threat.

One of the most exciting developments is digital and remote tower technology, which is enhancing safety and efficiency at medium and small size airports and improving services at smaller or remote airports, promoting business opportunities in surrounding communities.

Also with the proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, safely integrating this new industry sector into airspace is a challenge that is being met through the creation of concepts such as U-space. Several demonstrations in 2018 proved that U-space can be made to work.

Another positive development in 2018 was increasing collaboration at all levels of the industry. New models of cooperation extend from training initiatives to complex interactions in airspace design. ANSPs have come together to ensure free route airspace over sizeable areas, for example, while European functional airspace blocks have cooperated to lessen the impact of air traffic volatility caused by adverse weather conditions.

All these trends look set to deliver further advances in 2019. The success stories from CANSO Members in the following pages – although just a small share of ATM’s global achievements in the past 12 months – highlight the professionalism and commitment to excellence throughout air traffic management. Most importantly, they deliver desirable, verifiable results and hold the promise of even greater developments ahead.


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