Airspace Q4 2018: A successful demonstration of tactical geofencing for drones

17 December 2018

ENAIRE had a milestone year in 2018 with the creation of its Drone Unit and the first successful steps in deploying U-space in Spain.

The initiative is based on the Spanish Ministerial Drone Strategy launched in 2018, which aims to boost business development, innovation and dissemination in the area of drones. ENAIRE is responsible or jointly responsible for initiatives, such as supporting the definition of U-space standards; smart cities drone integration; and developing a plan for U-space deployment in Spain. 

ENAIRE led one of the projects selected for funding by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, the research arm of the Single European Sky initiative. DOMUS (demonstration of multiple U-space suppliers), formed by 17 members supported by Spanish authorities, devised a concept for a federation of U‐space services providers, performing under the coordination of an Ecosystem Manager.

As a test bed for DOMUS, ENAIRE co-organised a live drone demonstration during the Annual Conference of the Global UTM Association in June 2018 in Madrid. In front of more than 100 attendees, including authorities and media, and live-streamed, U-space tactical geofencing was successfully demonstrated in an operational environment in Europe for the first time.

The highly complex and innovative exercise both in terms of technical development and live execution, has paved the way for further ENAIRE U-space initiatives. Project DEMORPAS, for example, demonstrates technical and operational feasibility in a mixed environment where drones and manned aircraft coexist in non-segregated airspace.


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