Airspace Q4: Local residents at the heart of the process

17 December 2018

Under the new management of its Director, Claudio Clori, the Luxembourg Air Navigation Administration (ANA) is undergoing major organisational changes affecting its values, ambitions, strategies and culture.

"By 2025, I see ANA as a centre of expertise, as an important actor and partner of the airport platform and as a source of valuable proposals," he says. "I intend to give this administration a new dimension."

ANA obtained its ISO 14001 environmental certificate in February 2018. The environmental approach is long-term, however, and is not just about certification. At the heart of the process is a dialogue with local residents' associations to better understand each other's expectations and constraints.

In addition, collaboration with the airlines, in particular Cargolux and Luxair, has resulted in several initiatives to reduce aircraft noise pollution. For example, a change in the modified southern circuit has moved aircraft away from Sandweiler, a densely populated area.

In July 2018, ANA and Cargolux signed a charter to reduce aircraft noise that applies best practices in this area and limits the number of night flights and engine tests. Furthermore, continuous descent procedures have substantially reduced fuel consumption and noise throughout 2018.

Recently, all operators were reminded of their obligations during a meeting of airspace users with the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures.

ANA is now working on the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme certification (EMAS), dealing with environmental issues. Among the priority actions, flight paths and airspace will be adapted for greater efficiency.

ANA advocates open communication using new models of cooperation where partners with different approaches come together around shared purposes. This is the best recipe to keep up with the rapid pace of change in aviation management.



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