ALBCONTROL - Air Navigation Services of Albania

Organisation Overview

ALBCONTROL is a joint stock company, with fully state capital, property of the Ministry of Economy of Repbulic of Albania, which provides the Air Navigation Services of Albania.  ALBCONTROL control and runs the management of the Albanian air space in accordance with international and national standards of safety and quality on the air navigation field.

Since 2003, ALBCONTROL is a member of EUROCONTROL and of Air Routes.  In 2009, ALBCONTROL became a full member of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, CANSO.

No. of Towers Operated:  1
No. of ACCs:  1
No. of Employees:  327
Total number of ATCOs:  56
Total number of operational ATCOs:  45

Membership type: Full Member
Director General: Mr. Mina Kusta
Head office:

Rinas Tirana International Airport, P.O. Box 8172 Tirana Albania

Country: Albania
Telephone number: +355 69 60 47 292

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