ANSP of Peru Relies on COMSOFT’s Market-Leading AIDA-NG Messaging Solution for Major Upgrade

27 March 2014

Peruvian ANSP, Corporación Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviación Comercial (CORPAC), have again selected COMSOFT for their market-leading AMHS solution to provide further modernisations to their network. 

Peruvian ANSP CORPAC has been effectively operating COMSOFT’s highly dependable AIDA-NG and CADAS solutions since then end of 2008, after trusting the German expert to replace their existing AFTN network. The system is now undergoing a major upgrade in order to continue and improve upon its excellent service functions, while complying with the latest AMHS standards. 

Peru was the first South American country to be equipped with COMSOFT's AFTN/AMHS and AIS solutions, and the swift and straightforward implementation of the initial country-wide AMHS infrastructure gave CORPAC the confidence to again trust in COMSOFT’s expertise to continue the modernisation of their network. 

Dhenis Gamth Garrido Cabrera, Director General of CORPAC stated: “COMSOFT’s initial AMHS upgrade in 2008 was smooth and uncomplicated, which led us to again depend on their expert capabilities. At CORPAC we are concerned with current and future operational challenges and with this latest enhancement COMSOFT will be further supporting our safe and efficient air navigation services for the entire FIR of Peru.” 

Back in 2010 CORPAC of Peru was the first ANSP in Latin America to successfully establish an operationally used AMHS link between their capital Lima and Bogota in Colombia. The central data and communication nodes already installed in Lima serve international communication links and eighty remote aeronautical data access terminals throughout the country. 

Bordering Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, Peru amasses a huge 496,225 square miles, including Amazon jungle, Inca Ruins and the Andes. The vast landscape and annually increasing visitor numbers make air travel important for tourism – Peru’s third largest industry, behind fishing and mining. Domestic air travel between popular Peruvian cities is also extremely common with travellers venturing between cultural hotspots throughout the country, in addition to many international flights departing from capital city Lima. Lima, Peru has also held the ICAO regional office for many years. 

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