ASC provides training to Djibouti International Airport Authority

19 December 2016

Japan Air Navigation Service (JANS) provides various training programmes such as for CNS / ATM to foreign air navigation service personnel in Japan and overseas. In October 2016, the Aeronautical Safety College (ASC), the training institute for Japan Air Navigation Service (JANS), delivered training programmes for air navigation service personnel at Djibouti International Airport Authority.

ASC, a full member of the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP), conducted a Standardised Training Package (STP) to staff responsible for airport lighting maintenance in the Djibouti International Airport (DIA) Authority, Republic of Djibouti.

Focused on locating ground faults in airfield lighting series circuits, the purpose of the training course was to acquire the rapid recovery technique for circuit failure, an increasing issue due to the airport’s ageing lighting series circuit.

Leading objectives of this 20 hour STP course are to operate and prepare measuring equipment for detecting and locating ground faults in an airfield lighting series circuit efficiently and accurately. Progress tests and exercises using equipment are conducted to determine a trainee’s attainment of knowledge and skills, and a test confirms the achievement of the goal at the end of each module.

After the training, the DIA trainees received the ICAO certificate of successful completion, noting that the STP is important to identify the ground fault points in a short time. It is expected that this STP course helps safe and smooth operations in DIA.

JANS continuously contributes to aviation safety with high-quality technology and education in each field of air navigation services, in cooperation with international organisations.

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