Asia Pacific Quarterly Update 2018

Quarter 4, 2018

In August, CANSO participated in an ICAO A-CDM Seminar and the 3rd ICAO APAC A-CDM Task Force Meeting in Bali. CANSO presented an analysis of A-CDM implementation survey results in the region, showing the benefits of integrating A-CDM to ATFM and the importance of standardisation and harmonisation when working across airports, airlines and ANSPs.

CANSO also participated in the 16th Multi-Nodal ATFM project meeting in Bangkok in August to review ATFM operations and address implementation issues. CANSO shared ATFM best practices for CDM to improve coordination among participating ANSPs.

In September, CANSO participated in the 29th Meeting of the ICAO APAC Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG). Exploring the guidance and tools available to help ANSPs improve performance, CANSO highlighted the CANSO Acquisition Excellence Manualand best practices in the procurement of CNS/ATM systems and services for States and ANSPs. CANSO also noted the role of the CANSO Standard of Excellence (SoE) in Safety Management Systems (SMS) and the SEANS-Safety initiative in assessing and addressing safety management performance.

A CANSO Asia Pacific ATM Operational Performance Metrics workshop was held in Singapore in September. The objective of the workshop was to provide ATM planners with a better understanding of CANSO and ICAO key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring ATM operational performance. Twenty-six participants from eleven ANSPs and CANSO shared experiences and discussed application issues in operational performance measurement.

In October, CANSO participated in the 55th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Region in Fiji. CANSO stressed the importance of collaboration and harmonisation in ATFM and A-CDM, highlighting work to help ICAO, States and ANSPs drive regional implementation; and CANSO’s efforts to assist ANSPs implement AIM through a CANSO AIS/AIM transition strategy workshop, and by using the CANSO AIM Quality Management Development Guidance Manual.

Quarter 3, 2018

In May, CANSO participated in a meeting of the Multi-Nodal ATFM project in Beijing followed by the ICAO APAC ATFM Steering Group Meeting in New Delhi where joint papers on the progress of the Multi-Nodal ATFM project were presented by the Multi-Nodal ANSPs, IATA and CANSO. Following the ICAO ATFM Steering Group meeting, a Small ATFM Working Group (SWG) was set up to address harmonisation issues of the Multi-Nodal initiative and another sub-regional ATFM initiative known as the North Asia Regional ATFM Harmonisation Group (NARAHG).

CANSO also participated in the ICAO Asia/Pacific Regional Cybersecurity Symposium in Hong Kong in May and was a speaker on the ‘Cyber Landscape - Understanding Cyber Threats and Safety Risks’ panel. In addition, several CANSO Asia Pacific Members (AAI, AEROTHAI and CAD Hong Kong) gave presentations as well as IATA, ACI and industry experts.

In June, the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2018 in Bangkok attracted over 170 participants from more than 60 organisations and provided valuable insight into how the industry could best chart the course for ATM in the region by working together in collaboration and harnessing technology to drive innovation. Panel speakers included CEOs of ANSPs and senior management from ICAO, IATA, IFALPA, airlines as well as ATM. A highlight was the presentation of China’s vision and ATM modernisation strategy by ATMB/CAAC which fittingly marked its entry into CANSO as the twenty third member of the Asia Pacific CANSO CEO Committee (APC3). Aireon also conducted a thought provoking session on spaced-based ADS-B. Presentations and images can be found here.

The Asia Pacific Operations and Safety Workgroup meetings in Bangkok explored collaboration and best practices in ATM operations and safety. An APC3 CEO Strategy Workshop focussed on reviewing the region’s strategic objectives.

CANSO also participated in a meeting of the ICAO APAC Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST) in June. A joint paper was presented by AEROTHAI and NokScoot Airline entitled Fostering Just Culture in Operators and Service Providers that highlights CANSO guidance and best practice.


Quarter 2, 2018

CANSO participated in the first Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Civil Aviation in Beijing. At the conference, the Asia Pacific Civil Aviation Ministers issued a landmark declaration, known as the Beijing Declaration, which focused on the need for speedy development of safe and sustainable civil aviation in the region. On air navigation services, the Ministers committed to implement seamless ATM in the region by 2022, and include air navigation in national planning frameworks. In my statement at the conference, I underlined the strong commitment of CANSO and its Members to the successful implementation of the Declaration and offered CANSO's global expertise, as well as its experiences and best practices from other regions.

Following the conference, CANSO has sought to strengthen is relationship with the Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) in Beijing, and welcomed an ATMB delegation at World ATM Congress 2018 and the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2018 in Madrid in March.

CANSO participated in the APAC Multi-Nodal ATFM project meeting hosted by CAD Hong Kong. The meeting reviewed the progress and achievements of the project and encouraged more ANSPs and airlines to participate and comply with the ATFM measures. CANSO briefed the meeting on its ATFM initiative in the Latin America and Caribbean region, CADENA, and shared its experiences with the APAC Multi-Nodal ATFM Group.

CANSO also participated in an ICAO APAC UAS Task Force meeting in Bangkok in March where it provided support and input to the task force drafting regulatory guidance material for UAS operations in the region.

In April, CANSO participated in the ICAO Regional Safety Management Symposium - The Journey to Achieving Effective Safety Management: APAC and MID Regions in Singapore. As a panel speaker on the topic of State safety programme (SSP) and safety management systems (SMS), CANSO highlighted its safety initiatives such as the CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems, the SEANS-Safety assessment, as well as its safety work in the Asia Pacific region.

Quarter 1, 2018

CANSO participated in an ICAO ADS-B Workgroup meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka, presenting a paper on the status of automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast (ADS-B) implementation in Southeast Asia and the Bay of Bengal. The paper reported on progress and highlighted potential for further safety and efficiency improvements through collaboration and the sharing of ADS-B data and VHF communications by States and ANSPs.

The CANSO Asia Pacific Safety and Operations Workgroups met in Fukuoka, Japan for their bi-annual meeting hosted by JANS. A total of 41 participants from 14 ANSPs attended, discussing regional collaboration and best practices. The workgroups identified potential projects including collaboration in system wide information management (SWIM) demonstration and operations performance analysis.

In line with its objective to encourage ANSPs in Asia Pacific to work closely with airports on A-CDM implementation and integration with ATFM, CANSO participated in an ICAO APAC A-CDM Task Force meeting held in Hong Kong. CANSO contributed the A-CDM survey questionnaire for the Asia Pacific region, analysed the responses and presented the outcome.

In December, CANSO participated in the ICAO Asia & Pacific Regional Aviation Security Conference on the new Global Aviation Security Plan (GASeP) in Bangkok. The Conference agreed on an APAC Aviation Security Roadmap, covering priorities including cyber security and emerging risks associated with remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). CANSO highlighted the CANSO Cyber Security and Risk Assessment Guide and the importance of human factors and the need for a strong security culture.

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