Organisation Overview 

ATAC Corporation is a solutions company providing the aviation community with state-of-the-art simulation, modeling, analysis tools and expert services in air traffic systems. We provide comprehensive analytical and subject matter expert capabilities including operations design and analysis, safety reporting and analysis, environmental analysis, and training solutions.  We are committed to the aviation industry providing high quality products and services, while maintaining a creative, innovative and responsive company environment.

ATAC serves clients via its offices in Santa Clara, CA and Washington, D.C.  Primary clients include the Federal Aviation Administration and other Air Navigation Service Providers, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Defense, airport authorities, airport planning and engineering firms, and private companies with aviation systems development and integration.

Since 1979, ATAC's products have become the aviation industry standard:

  • SkyView™ provides a comprehensive set of tools for gathering aviation performance and supporting data, measuring and baselining operations, supporting automated safety reporting, and helping to design and implement air traffic operational improvements.
  • SkyViewer™ is a state-of-the-art, 4-dimensional tool for displaying, analyzing, designing, and evaluating air traffic operations.
  • Simmod PRO!® provides a powerful fast-time simulation platform with the flexibility and power of rules-based modeling through innovative implementation of a generalized simulation scripting language.
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Chief Executive: Mr. Scott Simcox
Head office: 2770 De La Cruz Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA
Country: USA
Telephone number: +1 (408) 736 2822
Fax number: +1 (408) 727 8447
Website :

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