ATECH completes Brazilian AMHS upgrade

28 November 2016

ATECH (Embraer Group) has successfully completed the upgrade of the Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS) for the Brazilian Air Navigation Service Provider (DECEA) at the main Brazilian ACT Center (CINDACTA I - Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Center) located in Brasilia.

The new AMHS replaced the previous system in use since 2009, improving some of the technical and redundancy features as well as upgrading the overall capacity for the increasing number of flight movements in Brazilian airspace. New system requirements were defined for an overall daily processing volume of 750.000 messages, with peak capacity of 65.000 messages per hour.

Considering the criticality of this AMHS migration process, due to the involvement of multiple subscribers, such as ATC, ATFM and OPMET, as well as other DECEA systems also developed by Atech, several planning meetings were conducted with the Air Navigation authorities in Brazil. As a result, a joint definition of the best transition strategy from the current system to the new one has been accomplished, avoiding any interference to the operating activities performed by the CTMA-BR (Aeronautical Message Handling Center of Brasilia).

This modernization project included the hardware infrastructure platform and software upgrades to provide a totally modernized environment of AMHS, both in terms of software and equipment, including servers, arrays, operating systems and a high availability "cluster" solution.

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