ATECH Negócios em Tecnologia S/A

Organisation Overview

ATECH Negócios em Tecnologias S/A specializes on high-tech mission critical systems integration and projects in the areas of Air Traffic Management, Defense and Command & Control Systems, Wide Area Surveillance and Homeland Security, amongst others.

ATECH develops and implements ICAO level Air Traffic Control Systems, which are designed to support and automate civil air traffic control and coordination procedures in terminal areas as well as en route control for FIR. The solution was deployed throughout Brazil and control more than 95% of all traffic in the country being installed in all automated Approach Control Centers (APP) and Route Control Centers (ACC). ATECH has developed the system responsible for Brazilian South Atlantic Oceanic Flight Information Region, using ADS-C and CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link communication) over satellite. ATECH has also specified, develop and commissioned the current system, and is modernizing the Brazilian Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Center.

ATECH’s multidisciplinary team is composed of highly specialized people, qualified and experienced professionals in a vast array of areas of knowledge and expertise. These professionals provide cutting-edge technology solutions and integrated information systems. 

Air Traffic Control with Multi Sensor Capabilities
Air Traffic Flow Management
ATC Simulation
Messaging, Billing, OPMET and AIS

Membership type: Associate Member
Membership status: Silver
Business Director: Ms. Delfim Ossamu Miyamaru
Head office: Rua Rocio 313, 2 andar, Vila Olimpia, São Paulo, SP 04552-000 Brazil
Country: Brazil
Telephone number: +55 (11) 3040 7320
Fax number: +55 (11) 3040 7340

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