Austro Control: New Tower Salzburg Fully Operational

6 March 2014

Austro Control has successfully completed the implementation-phase for the new Tower Salzburg. The tower is now fully operational. With the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure and multiple redundant air traffic management systems, the new control tower is one of the most modern in Europe. The 53-metre high construction is visible from far and wide and will become a new landmark for both the airport and city. Its height and location 35 metres to the west of the old tower provides Austro Control’s air traffic controllers with an excellent view of the airport and its surrounding areas. 

Technical highlights include a digital flight strip system (DIFLIS), new voice communication and voice recording systems, and the most up-to-date touch panels for controlling the runway lighting. Redundant power supplies ensure that all safety-critical air traffic control systems are failsafe and available at all times. Separate fire-protected conduits for data transmission lines and power supply lines are also part of the overall safety concept. 

Construction work on the new air traffic control tower replacing the 40-year-old tower began in October 2011. Construction costs amounted to some 14 million euros. The building was handed over in June 2013 when the first Austro Control staff moved in. The new building is home not only to air traffic control technology, but also to aviation weather services, and licensing and certification activities. 

“With the completion of the new tower, Austro Control and Salzburg Airport have set the stage for a successful future. We have made certain that safety standards will be kept at the highest technical level, and we have further increased the importance of Salzburg Airport as a major hub for business and tourism for the whole region. I would also like to emphasise the excellent cooperation between Austro Control and Salzburg Airport in implementing this project. It was completed on time and within budget – a perfect landing in all respects,” explains Austro Control CEO Heinz Sommerbauer. 

Austro Control COO Thomas Hoffmann comments, “The new tower uses the most-up-to-date technology and is guaranteed a long lifetime. We have created the necessary conditions to ensure flight operations in Salzburg will continue to be safe and efficient in the years to come. Our customers at Salzburg Airport can continue to enjoy the highest standards of service in terms of efficiency and punctuality. Austro Control staff will benefit from ideal, modern working conditions that satisfy all the requirements of state-of-the-art air traffic management.”



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