Organisation Overview

Belgocontrol is an autonomous public company with the following mission:

  1. To ensure the air traffic safety in the airspace for which the Belgian State is responsible.
  2. To control the aircraft movements at and around Brussels National Airport. As a result of the co-operation agreement with the Regions, Belgocontrol also ensures the air traffic safety at the regional public airports and airfields.
  3. To supply information about air traffic to the police, the airport inspection and the air traffic services.
  4. To provide meteorological information to the air traffic services as well as to telecommunication services and other services.

Belgocontrol was created in October 1998 and consequently took over the tasks of the ‘Air Traffic Safety’ Department of the former Regie der Luchtwegen/Régie des Voies Aériennes. 

Belgocontrol is also a member together with France, Germany, Luxembourgh, Switzerland and the Netherlands to create a common functional airspace block.

Towers operated:  5
Number of ACCs:  1
Employees:  919
Total number of ATCOs:  293
Total number of operational ATCOs:  268

Membership type: Full Member
Managing director: Mr. Johan Decuyper
Head office: Tervuursesteenweg 303, B-1820 Steenokkerzeel, Belgium
Country: Belgium
Telephone number: +32 (2) 206 21 11
Fax number: +32 (2) 206 22 88

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