Bringing the Latin America and Caribbean region together

31 October 2018

Javier Vanegas, Director Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, looks ahead to the Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2018

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of air travel is key to harnessing the economic benefits of aviation worldwide. But every region is different, each with their own challenges and opportunities for growth. How we take this on in the Latin America and Caribbean region is therefore a unique task, and one which together the region’s stakeholders must explore.

Innovation, integration and investment in air traffic management is the theme of the CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2018. In order to address these key issues, we will be looking closely at air navigation infrastructure investment, cybersecurity, human factors, the future of air navigation services and runway safety next week, and sharing insight and best practice on each.

Cooperation, collaboration and communications initiatives such as CANSO’s regional events and initiatives are excellent vehicles for supporting advancement towards new operational concepts, implementation of new technology and decision-making processes. Indeed, a coordinated approach to the accommodation of traffic growth should be considered as key to the modernisation of regional air navigation systems. 

By addressing these topics together, senior executives from COCESNA, Colombia Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Colombia Air Force, DC-ANSP, DECEA, EANA, ECNA, ENAIRE, FAA ATO, Jamaica CAA, and stakeholders and international organisations have the opportunity to unite in tackling common challenges in the region and to prepare for the continuous growth in air traffic demand. 

These are truly exciting times for the air traffic management industry. And there are numerous challenges and opportunities, like new entrants to airspace, advances in technology, and changes in ATM procedures and practices that are challenging traditional ATM operations, but also helping to make airspace more efficient. This changing face of ATM requires new and innovative thinking and a different way of operating and interacting.

The CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2018 will give participants the space and tools to engage in constructive discussion and create plan for a strong and seamless airspace in the future. So let us each play our part and work together to enhance air traffic management in the Latin America and Caribbean region, creating an event stronger regional airspace in the future.

There is still time to register or follow CANSO’s updates on annual Latin America and Caribbean Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, next week. Find out more on the event page.

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