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10 June 2018

Hitoshi Ishizaki, Director General of the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau and representative of JANS, reviews the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2018.

JANS became a member of CANSO five years ago and we have been regularly attending the Asia Pacific Conference every year. While we have been learning about how to conduct our activities as a member, we are now viewing CANSO as a significant opportunity to directly exchange information and views with CEOs and Director Generals of ANSPs in the Asia Pacific region.

I believe this conference is quite unique as all of the 22 regional Members from various countries get together in one place for information exchange. This year's conference is not an exception. The ICAO Regional Director, guest speakers from the related industries and airlines as well as ANSPs made a wide variety of interesting presentations to address current and future issues in the region.

During the conference, panelists from ANSPs, airlines, and companies (manufacturers) had fruitful sessions and exchanged information on how we should collaborate with each other to manage the increasing traffic volume in the Asia Pacific region. Some of the topics were regarding space-based ADS-B, remote towers, artificial intelligence (AI), and cyber security, and we learnt how air navigation systems can support ATC services to prevent human errors.

The sessions gave us a feeling that AI will develop our ATC services and help ANSPs to continue to provide a safe service and respond to the increasing traffic. And of course, the panelists expressed that the biggest mission of ANSPs is not profit (business) or efficiency first, but user safety.

Not only these particular sessions but also other presentations were all highly insightful. I feel anew that this conference provides us a precious awareness when conducting activities in this region. We at JANS are pleased to host the next conference in Fukuoka, Japan, in 2019. We will create a plan and prepare for the best setting to welcome all of the members and to encourage lively exchange of views. All of the staff of JANS are really looking forward to seeing you during the beautiful season of new green leaves in May.

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Hitoshi Ishizaki Director General of the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau and representative of JANS

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