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CAAB is Paving the Way for AIM Implementation in Africa with IDS

23 September 2014

The Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) has signed an Addendum with IDS North America Ltd. to provide additional services which are designed to guide CAAB in the implementation of the ICAO Roadmap for the Transition from AIS to AIM.

The project addendum has been established in order to address the significant lack of WGS-84 surveyed obstacles and terrain within ICAO Area 1 (State wide data) & 2a, b, c and d for airports in Gaborone (Civil and Military), Maun, Kasane, Francistown, Selebe Phikwe, and Ghanzi.   The data that will be captured during the surveys shall form a significant and necessary component of the AIS-to-AIM transition plan and addresses several roadmap steps, especially P-05 WGS-84 Implementation.  In addition, the surveys provide a foundation for the development of PBN based Instrument Flight Procedures which will be implemented throughout Botswana.

CAAB has also contracted IDS to include its ADQ (Aeronautical Data Quality) driven software solution called PLX (Planning Extensions) which shall be integrated into CAAB’s AIS department to provide a controlled process for data flow with internal and external originators. The embedded PLX workflow is based on the European ADQ process which is designed to ensure that all the data used within the system meets specific quality and accuracy requirements and can only be modified by authorized users.

Additionally, the project also includes the provision of the IDS FPSAT software tool that is used for the Ground Validation step of the Instrument Flight Procedure process in accordance with ICAO Document 9906.  This software will allow CAAB to be able to conduct virtual procedure fly-ability checks and accurately simulate and assess the obstacle environment where the procedure is located and the fly-ability of the procedure.

“We are excited on behalf of CAAB to assist our long time partners to complete not only the transition from AIS to AIM but also the implementation of PBN.  We also believe that this project will also lay the foundation for regional data and airspace collaboration between states of the SADC region contributing the ATM harmonization, increased services, and increased safety in Africa.  We are happy to be a part of this great initiative” said Dario Rossilli, Chief Operating Officer of IDS North America Ltd.
The project is planned to be implemented over a period of four (4) months to allow CAAB to be ready for operations in 2015.



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