CANSO, ACI, IATA to Align Efforts on Driving Aviation Improvements

1 June 2012

CANSO, ACI and IATACANSO, ACI and IATA, representing the world’s air navigation service providers, airports and airlines, have agreed to coordinate efforts for driving aviation system improvements. The three organisations announced the agreement at the CANSO ATM Summit, kindly hosted by ENAV S.p.A. in Rome today.

CANSO Director General (Interim) Samantha Sharif said: “Airlines, airports and air navigation service providers all share the same priorities: safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, so it makes sense that we work together in these areas. This agreement re-affirms our commitment to move from talking to doing, with a clear goal of delivering tangible benefits for all stakeholders within the next 12 months.”

Representing their respective organisations, Ms Sharif, Angela Gittens, Director General of ACI, and Jeff Poole, Director Government and Industry Affairs, IATA, committed to work together in the following areas:

1. Strengthening advocacy through consistent industry messaging;

2. Increasing the number of airport runway safety teams; and

3. Identifying synergies between respective work programmes, in order to accelerate the delivery of tangible outcomes that benefit all stakeholders.

Progress on deliverables will be reported at the 17th CANSO AGM in 2013.



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