CANSO and DG MOVE agree that Single European Sky reforms hold key to growing capacity

28 August 2018

Raine Luojus, Jan Klas, Henrik Hololei, Simon Hocquard, Tanja Grobotek and Maurizio Castelletti

A top CANSO Europe delegation met with European Commission Director-General for Mobility and Transport, Henrik Hololei, on 27 August to discuss joint efforts to achieve the Single European Sky (SES) for a more efficient air traffic network.

The CANSO delegation included CANSO Deputy Director General Simon Hocquard, newly appointed CANSO Director Europe Affairs Tanja Grobotek, and the CANSO Europe CEO Committee Chair Jan Klas and Vice Chair Raine Luojus.

Representing Europe’s air navigation service providers (ANSPs), the CANSO’s delegation emphasised that all parties must work together to achieve a more effective European air traffic network and realise the Single European Sky.

During the meeting, the Director-General for Mobility and Transport Henrik Hololei stressed the need for increased capacity both in the air and on the ground: “The risk of scarce capacity is the biggest challenge that aviation will have to face in the coming years. I count on CANSO and its members to contribute to addressing this risk and support the completion of the Single European Sky”.

The CANSO delegation welcomed DG Hololei’s pledge to put forward a package of measures to address the concerns of Europe’s ANSPs and to resolve any uncertainties regarding the roles and responsibilities of the main stakeholders in the proposed regulations currently under discussion.

CANSO also welcomed DG Hololei’s recognition of the interdependency between capacity and cost efficiency for air navigation service provision and his affirmation that the Commission intends to resolve all outstanding issues to the satisfaction of all stakeholders before the regulations are finalised.

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