CANSO Director General’s Remarks to the CANSO Global ATM Summit 29 June 2014

30 June 2014

In his keynote speech, CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole said the number of flights would double by 2032 and the industry must prepare for this today in order to avoid congestion and delays in the future. Poole laid out a vision of the future in which planes will fly the most optimal route across seamless and harmonised airspace; where States will cooperate to create much larger, more logical air traffic control ‘blocks’ rather than organising airspace according to national borders; regulators will move to performance based regulation, focusing on outcomes rather than inputs; and air navigation service providers will be able to compete with each other and operate as normal businesses. 

Poole outlined four key drivers that would help move the industry towards achieving this vision of the future: harnessing technology; implementing the latest processes and procedures; better regulation; and reforming business models. 

The vehicle to achieve these reforms is Vision 2020, CANSO’s strategic framework for the ATM industry. It lays out 128 specific deliverables in the CANSO Work Plan which provide the building blocks to achieve seamless airspace globally. Vision 2020 depends for its success on the support and active commitment of industry partners, such as airlines and airports, as well as States and ICAO. 




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