CANSO Director General Calls on ICAO to Focus on Four Key Priorities to Transform Global ATM Performance

17 June 2014

In a presentation to the Council of ICAO, CANSO Director General Jeff Poole, gave an analysis of the current and future trends affecting air traffic management (ATM); the progress that CANSO and its Members were making towards its Vision 2020 goal of seamless airspace globally; and the areas on which CANSO was working closely with ICAO and industry partners. He outlined some of the barriers and challenges in the areas of safety, cyber security, operations and policy. 

To ensure the transformation of Global ATM performance, CANSO is asking ICAO and States to focus on four key priorities: 

Safety: implement GASP effectively and on time, including a revised Annex 19 that incorporates the principles of safety culture for States to implement fully; and targets for our common safety priorities. 

Security: develop a common aviation system-wide approach to cyber threats with a sense of urgency and to pre-empt both the threats themselves and the risk of inappropriate, fragmented and reactive regulation. 

Operations: ensure that the standards for each ASBU block are delivered on time to facilitate strong momentum on implementation and to avoid squandering the present opportunities. 

Better regulation: take a leadership position on performance-based regulation with a working paper that sets out clear guidelines and principles for better regulation, for approval by the next Assembly. 




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