CANSO Director General Remarks at SITA Europe ICT Forum

17 October 2013

The air traffic management industry will undergo major changes in the coming years. One of the key innovation drivers of ATM modernisation programmes, like SESAR here in Europe and NextGen in the US, is the shift from a structured route network to a trajectory-based network. In such a network, aircraft operators will be able to fly their selected trajectory instead of following a predetermined route structure made of airways and way points. This trajectory-based concept of operations should enable planes to fly more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. 

Air traffic flow management (ATFM) and Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) are areas which are already revolutionising ATM. ATFM is the science of improving aviation operations by using up-to-date flight information to anticipate future traffic demand; and controlling flows of flights to keep demand within safe and manageable bounds. CDM demonstrates the value of information exchange and collaborative planning. [...]




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