CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award

CANSO recognises and acknowledges excellence with the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award.

Each year this award is given to a company or team that has made a significant safety contribution which has reduced aviation risk in the previous 12 months. This may be a local, regional or global contribution and may encompass a process, procedure, technology or training improvement. Nominees do not have to be Members of CANSO.


  • Air Traffic Management Division & Air Traffic Engineering Services Division, Civil Aviation Department Hong KongNominated for commissioning a new air traffic management system in Hong Kong and enhancing air navigation safety and efficiency in the Hong Kong Flight Information Region (HKFIR). Read more here.


  • HRO programme, skyguideNominated for implementing a High Reliability Organisation (HRO) culture change campaign through delivering HRO workshops that used an interactive and participative approach – Dynamic Learning. The campaign reinforced HRO and safety awareness at the different levels of the organisation, identified gaps, and resulted in improvements and the implementation of new feedback processes and sessions.
  • ‘Think Act Be SAFE’ project team, led by Brendan Booth, Head of Safety & Quality Standards, and Aarti Parajia, Employee Communications Specialist, NATSNominated for developing a safety promotion campaign that engaged employees to drive positive safety behaviours. The campaign focused on operational safety, health and safety, engineering safety, personal wellbeing, cyber security, and corporate and physical safety.
  • Air Traffic Organization & Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation AdministrationNominated for integrating commercial space missions into the National Airspace System by developing a new, temporary standard for assessing an acceptable level of risk between the different safety management systems and criteria for accepting public safety risks in air traffic control and commercial space transportation.
  • CPDLC Safety Survey, Survey Sponsor and Survey Team, FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) (ANS Czech RepublicAustro ControlHungaroControl): Nominated for conducting a collaborative safety survey to collect justification of the safety of controller–pilot data link communications (CPDLC) as an externally provided service. The survey process resulted in a better understanding of parties interests and approach to safety.

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