CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2018: An Associate Perspective

29 November 2018

Wayne Osse, Chief Architect, Global Aviation and Transportation at Solace, provides a CANSO Associate Member perspective on the CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2018.

The CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2018 brought regional ANSPs and other ATM stakeholders together in a convivial atmosphere to address the critical issues of the day and near future. This family of ANSPs were joined by industry participants, providing a unique perspective on current challenges and potential solutions in ATM and exhibiting products and services to help solve day to day issues.

The case for ATM investment has never been more clear, and the necessary persistence and passion to get it done were on display from the start of the conference in opening remarks from Jeff Poole, Director General, CANSO; Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transportation, Government of Argentina; and Gabriel Giannotti, President and CEO of EANA. This were echoed in the ‘Investment in Air Navigation Infrastructure’ session, with its diverse perspectives and examples of success such as DECEA. The ‘Future of Air Navigation Services’ session also highlighted investment success in Jamaica.

Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer, FAA ATO, described the challenges of rapid traffic growth and changing ATM operations, and outlined the achievements of CANSO’s CADENA initiative in implementing effective ATFM, leveraging SWIM within and also for iTBO data. This insight was helpful in providing focus for industry participants, including Solace. In particular, Teri Bristol's reflections on the FAA and its regional SWIM endeavors are of special relevance to Solace and how we help stakeholders realize the value of SWIM and new technologies by providing extremely reliable, federated SWIM messaging solutions.

Cybersecurity is a real and growing concern in increasingly automated systems, such as SWIM, and the topic was covered in great detail by Antonio Palacios, CEO of Telnorm. Financial systems have been wrestling with this area for quite some time, and it was apparent in this session that ATM has some distance to go develop in this area.

The conference workshop on remote and digital towers focused on this new technology and ATM grade networks. It explored the new tower technologies available and how they addressed related issues in this transformative area with a focus on safety and security. Discussion on ATM grade networks covered voice and video optimization, and how ATM grade messaging complements and mirrors this value at the application level where SWIM core messaging resides.

Great thanks are due to CANSO and EANA for realising a highly successful event in a warm atmosphere at a classic venue in Buenos Aires. I am sure all participants were immensely grateful, I know I am.

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Wayne Osse Chief Architect, Global Aviation and Transportation, Solace

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